What’s Next?

We’re postponing the proposed 23rd Jan ‘What Next?’ meeting so that initiatives can have a chance to make things happen!

Instead, you’re welcome to join us at 6.30pm on the 15th March, as we explore how the initiatives that emerged from the Heart Talk Porty conversations have progressed, try to help them overcome obstacles, and look at how we can move forward as a community.

If you’d like to join us please let us know (at the email below). The ideas and initiatives discussed in the Heart Talk Porty conversations are in our report (see link below).

About Us

“HeartTalk Porty is a project of Action Porty (who run Bellfield), with help from  Grassroots2Global (who support community processes, e.g. in Torry). The group of locals who have come together to help organise it include folk involved in Action Porty, the Wash House, St Marks, and other venues and local organisations.

If you want to help with organising drop us a line.

Read more about us here.

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