Heart Talk Porty

what’s your big idea for portobello?

Heart Talk offers anyone who lives or works here space to hold the conversations they want on the future of Porty.

WHEN? These conversations will be held in and around the weekend of 20th/ 21st November. Each conversation is expected to take 1 to 2 hours and will happen sometime between 10am and 6pm on each day (see programme).

WHERE? They’ll be held in a variety of venues (Bellfield, St Mark’s, Wash House, etc). Heart Talk has created a programme, so please join whichever conversations you are interested in. Join for the whole or part of the conversation, and there will be different ways to contribute – from joining in with the chat, to leaving a post-it comment. 

HOW? We made an open call to ask folk whether they’d be willing to hold a conversation on their issue. We asked folk to let us know what issue they wanted to host by 21st October, so we can promote it alongside the others on the leaflets and posters, and here online. We offered a facilitator for each one where it’s wanted, and a guide to holding successful conversations. We suggest having a note-taker so ideas can be captured.

SO WHAT? Anything may come of the conversations. People may just air their views, the discussion group may take the idea further and make something happen, or there may be a need for broader coordination to take things forward.

WHY? These conversations are to find out what our community needs, what the threats and opportunities are, and how we might organise our response. Action Porty is keen to be part of that response where that is useful, and we also hope other ways of organising can emerge from this process. (See background here)

The CUBE – 13th Nov: 10 – 5pm High Street

The CUBE project offers everyone the chance to share thoughts and ideas on the future of Porty – draw, write or grafitti on the Cube. Saturday 13th November, anytime between 10am and 5pm outside the Bank of Scotland on Portobello High Street.

The CUBE on Porty Hugh Street, with HeartTalk Porty

We asked folk to register their conversation by filling in THIS FORM by the 21st October.

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ideas for conversations include:

  • the future of work in Porty
  • social/ affordable housing
  • setting up a parent/ toddler group
  • issues arising from parking zone proposals
  • a community-led decision-making process for Portobello?
  • council’s proposal for 800 new homes at Seafield: opportunity or threat?
  • transport/ 20-minute neighbourhoods/ a bus gate on the High Street?
  • managing the impact of the success of the Prom in attracting visitors?
  • turning discarded turbine blades into a playpark on the beach
  • how to provide solid support to youth activities?

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Email us on HeartTalkPorty@gmail.com. We can help you think about how to make your conversation go well and offer support if you want it.

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About Us

“HeartTalk Porty is a project of Action Porty (who run Bellfield), with help from  Grassroots2Global (who support community processes, e.g. in Torry). The group of locals who have come together to help organise it include folk involved in Action Porty, the Wash House, St Marks, and other venues and local organisations.

If you want to help with organising drop us a line.

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